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Elizabeth 7th Alarm 
Elizabeth, NJ-- Engines 3,6,5 Ladder 2,3 Rescue 1 Battalion 2 Deputy 2 arrived to 184 7th Street and reported a 1 story 100x150 auto body shop with heavy smoke pushing from the building.
Battalion 2 immediately calls a Single 11 "Working Fire" bringing in Engine 1. Battalion 2 requests Ladder 2 to force entry and open up the roof Engine 6 to reverse lay in Engine 3 sets up a blitz fire Engine 5 grabs an additional plug. 
Deputy 2 assumes command requests the 2nd alarm for heavy smoke pushing from the building Engines 8,2 and Ladder 1 added to the box. Ladder 3 positions to the front of the building and sets up for operations. Deputy 2 advises all units of explosions in the building. Ladder 2 sets up on Trumbal and 7th the Rescue Company's in the process of opening multiple doors.
The 3rd alarm is transmitted bringing in Engine 7, Union Ladder 2, Engine 8's supply for Ladder 1. Deputy 2 requests all ladder companies off the roof Battalion 2 advises Deputy 2 heavy fire pushing from the front of the building.
Companies are all defensive operations for the remainder of the incident using multiple master streams and ladder pipes. The fire escalates to a 7th alarm bringing companies in from FDNY Staten Island and Middlesex, NJ.
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