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Elizabeth, NJ-- 411 was struck for Engine 1,7,3 Ladder 1,3 Rescue 1 Engine 1 Deputy 3 Battalion 3 at 201 Catherine Street for a basement fire in a 3 story mixed occupancy.
Engine 1 arrived to a 3 story mixed occupancy with smoke showing from the delta side Engine 7 took the hydrant Battalion 3 took command struck a signal 11, Engine 2 for fast. Engine 1 advised command fire in the basement with extension running up the chimney. Engine 1, 7 stretched the attack line Ladder 3 forcing entry.
Engine company puts a knock on the basement heavy fire breaks out Division 2 Bravo side, Command strikes the 2nd alarm Engine 5 Ladder 2 added. Mayday is put out for 2 firefighters from Ladder 1 on division 2, Command strikes the 3rd alarm. All firefighters are rescued from windows with reported 2nd degree burns one with minor injuries.
4th alarm is struck all companies are pulled out and a defensive operation is underway for the remainder of the incident companies will be working multiple lines, blitz fires and ladder pipes.
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Mayday starts 7:45 into 1st clip Part 1 Audio Part 2 Audio
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