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Northeast Bravest
Northeast Bravest
Palmer Township, Pa-- 2nd alarm 05:40 hrs 3510 Greenway Street

Captain 2754 arrived to find a mixed occupancy building with heavy smoke throughout and fire showing from the delta side one story vacant structure. Assistant Chief 2752 arrived shortly after took command and had arriving engine companies place lines in service and filled out the 1st alarm.

Companies opened up the main fire building and placed multiple lines in service soon after the main fire building was fully involved as well as the attached two story apartment building. Command struck the 2nd alarm and had ladder pipes put in service with additional arriving companies placing ground monitors and additional large lines in service. Firefighters also laddered the strip mall placing lines in service from the rooftop holding the fire to the adjacent fire buildings.

The main fire building eventually had fire through the roof with total collapse, the apartment was well involved with fire throughout most of the building. State Police and the City of Allentown arson units were called to the scene to investigate the fire, negative injuries were reported.

Companies On-Scene: 27, 14, 17, 53, 23, 25, 28, 18 27 EMS Palmer PD
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